Assembly Bill 86, beginning in 2013, created 71 statewide consortia and required each of the consortia to create a visionary plan designed to improve and expand programs for adults within the respective consortia regions.

The AB 86 Plan required the consortia to address adult regional gaps and needs as well as embrace the following defined objectives: leveraging resources; professional development; seamless transitions; and accelerated student progress. Additionally, the consortia were required to identify regional stakeholders that could serve as leveraging partners in the implementation stage. These visionary plans were submitted to Sacramento consortia leadership and ultimately approved as the basis for developing an actual implementation plan.


Highlights of the Actual Three-Year Implementation Plan:

The actual implementation plan was based on the original visionary plan but morphed from vision to action in the form of a three-year plan that The River Consortium submitted to Sacramento on March 1, 2015. The overall three-year strategy began in year one with planning and design, year two with scalable pilots and year three with full implementation. Currently the consortium is moving from year two to year three with the following projects:

  • Expand and Develop English and Spanish GED preparation and testing programs
  • Pilot a Parent Education program focused on elementary school parents interested in helping their families improve learning outcomes
  • Develop Agricultural Pathways for both Plant and Veterinary Science
  • Develop culinary pathways and leverage resources to create programs that include hands-on training at nearby resort hotel food and beverage facilities and operations
  • Develop Career Technical Education programs for the Needles Center through a leveraged partnership with Needles Unified School District (carpentry, automotive, welding)
  • Develop workforce partnership with the City of Needles and City of Hope for the evolving medical marijuana industry (expected to create between 600 and 1800 jobs)
  • Implement a data management/analytics system designed to track progress, measure

Without the assistance of AEBG resources, many if not all of the above projects would remain visionary.

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